Can You Freeze Baked Beans

Ever thought about freezing baked beans? A homemade pot of baked beans brings comforting goodness to the tummy and satisfying flavor to the mouth. Also, there are usually leftovers. Tons of leftovers. Thankfully, you can freeze baked beans and eat them later with another meal or as a meal when you desire too.

What is the proper way to freeze homemade baked beans?

The proper way to freeze homemade baked beans is to freeze them the same day they were made in order to retain freshness, flavor and prevent spoiling from occurring. You freeze them by scooping them directly into freezer safe jars and placing the lids onto these jars immediately. After, you place the jars in the freezer to keep fresh for up to 6 months. Storing beans any longer than that will change their homemade flavor and firm texture.

When you are ready to defrost your jar of beans all you need to do is remove a jar from the freezer and place it into the refrigerator. After, you allow these beans to defrost this way for about a day. Once the beans are defrosted, you can pour them into a small or medium saucepan and heat them up on your stovetop on medium too low heat for about 10-minutes. Then, you can eat them up as they are or as a side dish with a main dish.

However, if you want to avoid the defrosting process it is wise to freezer your leftover baked beans in freezer safe containers you can easily pop out the frozen baked beans from directly into a saucepan, which you will than just simply heat up until the beans are defrosted and warm enough to eat up. However, doing it this way may make your baked beans slightly watery and mushy in texture.

Baked beans

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Can you freeze leftover canned baked beans?

Leftover canned baked beans can be frozen the same way homemade ones can. However, canned baked beans that are frozen will only stay fresh for about 3 months. After that, it is wise to toss them out to prevent food poisoning.

To freeze leftover canned baked beans that you aren’t going to heat up and eat, all you do is pour them into a freezer safe container, place the lid on tightly and freeze them in the freezer until you want to eat the rest up. With that said, it is not wise to freezer leftover canned baked beans that you have already heated up because they will just turn to mush and lose flavor drastically.

Otherwise, when you are ready to eat the rest of the beans up, remove them from the freezer, toss them into a small saucepan, and heat them up on low or medium heat for about 10 minutes the same way you would previously frozen homemade baked beans. After, serve them up and eat them up the way you desire too. However, you may notice that the flavor is less satisfying and texture is a bit mushier. Thankfully, you can fix the flavor of the baked beans by adding seasonings and spices.

Can you freeze homemade baked bean leftovers from a grocery store food stand?

It is not wise to freeze homemade baked bean leftovers from a grocery store food stand. First of all, you do not know how long they were sitting out in the food pan in the food stand or what has come into contact with it food wise. It is always best to eat homemade baked bean from a grocery store food stand the same day you purchase them to prevent food poisoning from occurring to you.

End Notes to Keep in Mind for Freezing Baked Beans

Remember, it is always wise to freeze homemade baked beans the same day you make them and too never freeze canned baked beans that have already been warmed up. It is also wise too never freeze homemade baked beans from the grocery store food stand to prevent food poisoning from occurring to you. Otherwise, freezing homemade baked beans is safe and an effective method for preserving your baked beans to eat later when you are ready.