If you have ever asked anyone “Can you freeze butter?” and didn’t get an answer, this article will fill in that gap. Butter is one of the most used dairy products. Since people use a lot of butter on a daily basis, many of us search for a big sale where we can buy it for a fair price. But what we should do when we suspect that our butter will go rancid because we won’t use it within the next month? Freezing the butter seems to be the only solution that addresses this problem. Fortunately enough, you can freeze butter. Let’s discuss some important issues related to freezing butter.

Freezing butter

Like to other dairy products, you can freeze butter. The good information is – freezing it is perfectly safe. It won’t change its taste or texture after thawing. You can freeze butter in its original packaging. In most cases it’s good enough for freezing.

You need to know that butter tends to pick up odors from other food. If you’re unsure if the original packaging wraps the butter well enough, you can wrap butter blocks in plastic freezer wrap or aluminum foil. Or pack them in sealed bags. If you think that the original packaging will do a fine job, freeze it as it is, if not, add the extra layer.

Most sources state that you can keep salted butter frozen for up to 9 months and unsalted butter for up to 6 months. Organic Valley states that their butters should be fine frozen for up to one year[1]. Of course you should remember that butter won’t go bad after the mentioned periods of time. Those periods of time are a reminder that you you shouldn’t keep butter in the freezer for too long. That’s because its taste might deteriorate.

Did you know why salted butter stays fine for longer than unsalted butter? The answer is pretty easy – salt is a natural preservative.
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Image used under Creative Commons from Eric Petruno

Thawing butter

The easiest way to thaw butter is to leave it in the refrigerator overnight. Put it in the fridge the night before and you’ll have fresh butter in the morning. If you find yourself without any defrosted butter in the morning, don’t try to defrost butter in the microwave. While that will work, that’s not the healthiest option. To defrost the butter within a couple of minutes put it into a bag and put it into cold or room-temperature water. You can use a sink or a pot to do that.


Butter is a widely used dairy product. When it comes to storing it – don’t store it in the molded compartment of the refrigerator door. It’s far better to store it in the main body of your fridge. This should extend its shelf life a little. You can freeze it freely and its taste and texture won’t deteriorate for at least half a year.