Can you freeze buttermilk?

Can you freeze buttermilk? Buttermilk is a slightly sour dairy product, widely used in recipes and seldom used for drinking purposes. If you use it mostly in recipes, you probably often end up with some leftover buttermilk. That’s mostly because containers of buttermilk are pretty large and recipes need only a little amount of this dairy beverage. From time to time you might find a great deal on buttermilk, that’s a great opportunity to save some money. But should you buy the buttermilk if you know that you won’t be able to use it before the expiration date? Yes, in most cases you should. You can freeze buttermilk. However, before doing that, you should get to know a few more facts regarding freezing buttermilk.

How freezing affects buttermilk

The first thing you should know is that buttermilk can be frozen for up to three months. Another important information is that, similarly to milk and sour cream, it tends to separate when frozen. Because of that, after thawing you should stir or mix the buttermilk to merge the whey and milk solids again.

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When it comes to taste and texture, you need to know that it changes a little after freezing and thawing. Some people declare that buttermilk is fine after unfreezing, other say that it’s not as good as a fresh one. A general rule of thumb is that thawed buttermilk is good for cooking and baking purposes. The case of whether it’s good for drinking purposes is a matter of personal preferences. To get to know whether you like frozen and then thawed buttermilk you can run a little trial. Freeze a small amount of this dairy product, unfreeze it after a few days and drink it. You’ll get to know whether you like that taste or not.

Useful tips concerning freezing buttermilk

If you would like to, you can freeze buttermilk in its container. Please remember that you should remove some of the dairy beverage from the container before putting it into the freezer. That’s because buttermilk expands when frozen. If you don’t want to freeze the product in its original container, you can pour it into any other freezer-safe container. Just make sure that the container is large enough to accommodate the buttermilk after its expansion.

If you plan to use the buttermilk for baking or cooking purposes, using ice-cube trays is a great idea. In order to do that you need to pour the liquid into the ice-cube trays and freeze it. After that you should remove the ice cubes from trays and put all of them in a freezer bag. It’s a very convenient way of storing frozen buttermilk – you can thaw only as much buttermilk as you need. One more tip – be sure to label the container with the date, that way you’ll know how long you can keep it in the freezer.

Buttermilk, similarly to sour milk, can be frozen. You need to remember that freezing might change the taste and texture of buttermilk a little. If you plan to freeze buttermilk for cooking or baking purposes, you can do that freely. Can you freeze buttermilk? Of course.