Crisp fresh pears during harvest time can be picked and preserved through freezing methods that will allow you to enjoy the fruit throughout the year. All you have to know is how to freeze the pears properly, which if you do not already know how the information below will help you.

Freezing Pears Properly

If you are like most people, you will think it is best to pick pears, peel them and freeze them right after the harvesting. However, right after harvesting, pears actually need time to ripen up a bit. If the fruit does not ripen properly and you go to freeze it, you will have some distasteful pears that are bland in flavor and firm in texture. The best way to ripen pears is too simply place freshly harvested ones near the window for a couple of days. If you cannot tell if your pears are ripened enough, simply bite into one and taste test. If the flesh is tender and full of juicy flavor it is time to freeze the pears.

Pears on a tree

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Now, like apples, the flesh of pears turn brown when exposed to air so you will have to make a simple syrup mixture by combing sugar and water together in a medium saucepan and bringing it to a rapid boil. As soon as the mixture boils, you remove if from the stovetop and allow it too cool before using it to preserve your pears. The simple syrup should be made before you peel, pit and remove seeds and stems from the pears.

Once you have your simple syrup made, you can peel, pit and remove the stems and seeds from the pears. After, you want to slice the left over pear flesh into inch size slices and toss them into freezer jars or containers. Next, you will pour your cooled down simple syrup mixture over the pears until they are coated well. After, you will place the lids onto the freezer jars or containers and place a label with the date onto them. Next, you can place the jars in the freezer to help preserve your delicious ripen pears until you are ready to enjoy them as a tasty treat.

Will freezing pears change the texture, color and flavor of the pears?

Freezing will not change the sweet flavor of the pears or the color of them, but the texture is affected greatly. In fact, instead of having crisp pears, you will have super sweet soft flesh pears that will taste like pure candy, which is why many people snack on defrosted frozen pears for dessert or snack when they have a sweet tooth to cure. However, if you leave pears in the freezer frozen for more than two-years, pears can become discolored and develop a watery sweet flavor.

How should pears be defrosted?

The best way to defrost your pears coated in simple syrup is by taking a jar or container from the freezer and placing it into the refrigerator. Then, allow the jar or container of pears to defrost for about 12-hours. After, you can remove the jar of pears from the refrigerator, serve them up and eat them straight away. If you cannot eat the entire defrosted jar of frozen pears you can simply place the left over pears in the refrigerator and they should stay fresh as long as their in the jar of simple syrup for up to a week.

End Notes

Now that you know the basics to freezing pears safely and easily, here is another tip to consider for freezing pears. When you go to make your simple syrup, add rum or brandy with some vanilla extract to create a preserving syrup that will add a bit of extra delightful flavor to your pears. Just remember not to serve this pears up to young children when you do defrost a batch and eat them up. You can also add spices to your simple syrup such as cinnamon, nutmeg or allspice if you want to preserve your pears with a warm spicy sweet flavor that makes an excellent treat during the winter months. Be creative when creating your simple syrup to preserve your pears with.