Can You Freeze Jam?

Jams make whipping up a quick snack oh so easy, which is great if you’ve got hungry kids who have a massive sweet tooth! On their own, fruit jams can keep for a long, long time because the sugars prevent bacterial growth that causes spoilage. However, you can freeze jam to extend its shelf life […]

Can You Freeze Raisins

Raisins are one versatile food item every kitchen should never be without! It can be enjoyed on its own as a low-calorie snack and as ingredient for your favorite desserts, salads, stews, and frozen treats. As with all dried fruits, you can freeze raisins if the batch is nearing its expiration date. Although dried, raisins […]

Can You Freeze Kiwi?

Kiwi has a sweet, tangy flavor that complements a variety of dishes, they make the perfect add-on to your favorite smoothies, desserts, and even salads! Even better, you can freeze kiwi for later use. This fruit is very delicate and prone to bruising that’s why you need to store it properly. A fully ripened kiwi […]

Can You Freeze Olives?

Olives add a distinct tangy flavor and delicious texture to any savory dishes. You can also use fresh olives to jazz up your salads and pizza pies! Because it’s one versatile fruit, you can buy a large batch of olives, keep them frozen in the fridge, and simply defrost them whenever you’re whipping up your […]

Can You Freeze Apple Sauce?

Nothing warms the heart quite like homemade applesauce! And if you’re a hardcore applesauce lover, you know there are so many ways to use this condiment/snack/dessert/sauce! While applesauce isn’t that complicated to make, it pays to whip up a large batch, take only what you need, and leave the rest to freeze in the fridge. […]

Can You Freeze Apple Pie?

No special occasion is complete without a helping of apple pie! As a quintessentially American dessert, apple pie is universally loved for its delicious mix of cinnamon and juicy apples. There’s just something magical about this delectable combination! Even better, you don’t have to make an apple pie from scratch. You can buy pre-made mixes […]

Can You Freeze Figs

Fresh figs are delicious atop salads, with a slice of sharp cheese or simply eaten plain, but what do you do when you’ve got too many figs to eat? Can you freeze figs? Because of their high sugar content, figs ripen and can spoil rather quickly. Whether you grabbed a bunch of figs on sale […]

Sliced Cantaloupes

Can You Freeze Cantaloupe

Cantaloupes grow in gardens where the climate is warm and tropical. But what if one would like to enjoy them throughout the year? Can you freeze cantaloupes? During harvesting, several people collect bountiful amounts of them and preserve them with the freezing method so they can enjoy the tasty melon throughout the year since finding […]


Can You Freeze Grapes

Grapes are a seasonal food, so sometimes you might find yourself with too many to use right away. Can you freeze grapes? Fortunately, you can and this article will give you all the information you need about freezing grapes. Whether baked in a rich tart or featured in a savory supper, grapes add a delightful […]

Strawberries in containers

Can You Freeze Strawberries

Can you freeze strawberries? The taste of fresh strawberries is pure delight, but we also love to enjoy them in winter months and freezing them is the easiest way to achieve that. It is best to pick fresh strawberries right from the patch during harvesting season and freeze some so you can enjoy the sweet […]