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Can You Freeze Strawberries

Can you freeze strawberries? The taste of fresh strawberries is pure delight, but we also love to enjoy them in winter months and freezing them is the easiest way to achieve that. It is best to pick fresh strawberries right from the patch during harvesting season and freeze some so you can enjoy the sweet and tart tangy flavors of them throughout the year.

Freezing Strawberries Whole

One of the ways you can freeze strawberries is whole. However, it is essential that you cut their leafy green tops off first. After, you can take the freshly picked whole strawberries, place them into a freezer bag, and store them away in the freezer this way for about 2 years. After about 2-years, the strawberries will lose some of their flavor and juicy plump texture.

Frozen whole strawberries are useful for making all kinds of delightful treats such as fruit smoothies and fruit salads. All you have to do is take the frozen berries from the freezer and toss them into smoothies and salads as they are. Blending the berries into smoothies will keep your healthy beverage of choice icy cold and if you do decide to toss them into a fruit salad frozen, they will defrost within an hour while keeping your fruit salad nicely chilled and full of juicy flavor.

Strawberries in containers

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However, if you simply want to eat some whole strawberries as they are all you have to do is remove a bag of them from the freezer and allow them to defrost in the refrigerator for about 4 to 6 hours. After, you can eat them up as they are or pour them into a bowl and sprinkle sugar upon them for a delightful strawberry treat. The berries will be slightly mushier and juicer in texture, but will still have their outstanding summery berry flavor.

Freezing Sliced Strawberries

Another popular way strawberries are froze is by slicing the tops of them and slicing them up into little round berry circles about a ¼ inch thick. The slices are than tossed into freezable containers and sprinkled with sugar to help add extra sweetness and help them preserve them a bit better. After, the sliced berries are frozen in the freezer where they will keep fresh this way for up to a year with ease.

When you are ready to use the slice strawberries simply take a container from the freezer and place it into the refrigerator where it will take about 6 to 12 hours to defrost. After, you can eat the strawberry slices as they are, pour them over pound cakes or angle cakes for a delightful strawberry dessert or mix them into fruit salads, yogurts or smoothies for a healthy tasting berry snack. You can even use the defrosted slices of berries to make a scrumptious strawberry pie.

Freezing Strawberries in Jam or Jelly Form

Fresh harvested strawberries make wonderful jams and jellies, which can be frozen as well. Simply take your favorite jam or jelly recipe and make your jam or jelly with the fresh strawberries. Once the jam or jelly is ready, pour it into freezer jars about ¾ full and place lids tightly onto them. After, you can freeze your strawberry jams or jellies in the freezer for up to 2 years.

To defrost the jellies or jams simply place them in the refrigerator and they should be ready to use within 12 hours. Best of all, defrosted jams and jellies stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to six months. This is because the sugar in them preserves them well.

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End Notes to Keep in Mind

With all that being said, it is essential to know that freezing strawberries will slightly change their texture to a mushier and juicer kind, but they will still taste like summer strawberries when you go to defrost and eat them. However, if you love the firm plump texture of strawberries and desire them sliced up over leafy green salads or for making chocolate covered berries it is wise to use them up fresh. Trying to use previously frozen strawberries on leafy green salads or for making chocolate cover berries will just turn into a strawberry juicy mess. Otherwise, freeze as much fresh strawberries as you possible can during the harvesting season and enjoy the berries throughout the year.