Can You Freeze Apple Sauce?

Can you freeze apple sauce? Nothing warms the heart quite like homemade applesauce! And if you’re a hardcore applesauce lover, you know there are so many ways to use this condiment/snack/dessert/sauce.

While applesauce isn’t that complicated to make, it pays to whip up a large batch, take only what you need, and leave the rest to freeze in the fridge. Yes, you can freeze applesauce and use a portion only when you need it. Wouldn’t it be neat to have a nice batch of delicious applesauce just waiting for you to add to your favorite snacks? Sounds good to us!

Image used under Creative Commons from Stacy Spensley

Assuming that you made your own applesauce from scratch, stop short at adding the spices. The fact is, spices will lose their flavors when kept in the fridge for too long. Just to make sure your sauce stays true to its taste, we’d recommend adding the spices only after defrosting a portion of the sauce you need to use.

Some recipes also require butter as applesauce ingredients and this can speed up spoilage if you did not store the sauce properly! Again, you can always drop the butter and still come out with a delicious batch of applesauce or just use this freezing guide:

How to Freeze Applesauce?

When stored well in the freezer, homemade applesauce can last up to 12 months! On the other hand, store-bought applesauce can last up to 2 months in the freezer. The ideal temperature for freezing applesauce is 0 F.

Once you’re done making the applesauce, leave it to cool at room temperature. It’s not advisable to freeze a still-warm sauce of any kind because this may affect its taste. To store the sauce, you can use mason jars, re-sealable, freezer-safe plastic bags or even ice cube trays.

Just ladle the right amount of applesauce per container, leaving an inch of space to allow the sauce to expand and close the opening tightly. To keep track of its expiration date, get a marker and label each packet/jar for good measure.

Applesauce in a jar
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How to Defrost Frozen Apple Sauce?

The best way to defrost applesauce is to leave it to thaw at room temperature. When you are ready to use the sauce, just grab a packet or jar of frozen applesauce and leave it sitting at room temps for 30 minutes. Once it is completely thawed, you can go ahead and add your favorite spices – such as cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, etc. – to the mix, stir well and it is ready to use!


Freezing applesauce is an easy, straightforward process that does not require special tools of any kind. Now that you know how to freeze applesauce properly, you can always have this yummy treat in stock for baking, as a dessert topping, or as baby food!