Can you freeze fudge for later use? As tempting as it is to devour a whole batch of homemade fudge, there are moments when you cannot possibly eat another bite.  And when you’ve got a lot of leftover fudge in your hands, is it possible to freeze these delightful desserts for later?

The quick answer is yes, you can freeze fudge and enjoy a square or ten whenever the craving for it hits. It’s all about proper prep to maintain the original texture and flavor of the fudge. This goes especially for homemade fudge.

Image used under Creative Commons from cheeseslave

You see, just like most desserts, fudge contains delicate ingredients. These ingredients aren’t known to keep fresh in the freezer for longer, such as milk and butter. Fudge does surprisingly well when stored for later use. It can keep fresh in the fridge for up to 2 to 3 weeks as long as it has been prepped well. When storing the fudge in the fridge, do not place it near the door where the temperature is warmer or you risk spoilage.

When frozen, fudge could stay fresh for 3 months or so. Again, wrapping the dessert prior to freezing is important to make fudge last for months. In addition, the temperature should be kept as close to 0°F as possible. Generally, denser fudge will freeze better than its lighter counterpart. Here is a step-by-step guide on how can you freeze fudge:

How to Freeze Fudge?

If you’re freezing a batch of homemade fudge, you have to let the dessert cool before you can prep it. Note that some fudge recipes will indicate fridge and freezer storage. Because of the freezing temp, ice crystals are likely to form within frozen foods so protect the fudge by placing it in an airtight container or wrapping it in foil.

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If you’re using an airtight container, place waxed paper on every layer of fudge. This will prevent the frozen fudge squares from sticking to one another. This works if the fudge has been cut into pieces. If it’s a whole slab, just wrap it in tin foil then place in a resealable, freezer-safe plastic bag.

Remove as much air as possible before sealing the bag. The plastic bag will protect the fudge from freezer burn and keep the dessert from absorbing flavors from the freezer. After prepping the fudge, get a marker, add the label and storage date then stick it in the freezer.

How to Defrost and Reheat Fudge?

Now that you know how can you freeze fudge, how about defrosting the dessert? If the craving hits, just take the fudge out from the freezer and leave it to thaw for a few hours in the fridge. Keep the fudge’s wrapping as it thaws so dessert won’t absorb the moisture.

Ideally, you want to thaw the fudge slowly to maintain its chewy consistency. But if you’re pressed for time (or really hungry), try this trick: Once you take the frozen fudge out of the freezer, wrap it in a clean towel and then leave to thaw at room temperature.

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The towel will wick moisture away as the fudge is defrosting. Since the fudge is wrapped in a thick cloth, it won’t thaw too fast that the consistency will change. Once thawed completely, you can cut the fudge into desired sized pieces and they’re ready to eat. If you like, you could also warm the thawed fudge in the microwave or toaster for a couple of minutes.


Fudge makes a quick and easy snack or dessert! Now that you know how can you freeze fudge properly, you can make a large batch of this delicious dessert and keep the leftovers for later.