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Can You Freeze Leeks?

Can you freeze leeks? Leeks are available all year round but if you bought this vegetable in bulk, you have to store the rest for later recipes. We do not recommend freezing leeks because this vegetable has a high water content but it can be done to avoid waste. This method can be used to store an excess supply of leeks although the greens could turn soggy once they’ve been defrosted.

Should You Freeze Leeks?

The freezing temperature could affect the texture of the leeks. This vegetable tends to secrete a clear, goopy liquid when cut, which is something to keep in mind if you are preparing this vegetable for freezing. If say, the texture is important to the dish, there is no way to restore leeks’ crunchy texture once they’ve been frozen. On the other hand, if you are freezing leeks for cooking, then the texture of the vegetable is not that important. When cooked, the consistency of frozen and fresh leeks is similar.

How to Freeze Leeks?

Choosing and Prepping the Leeks

Freezing will affect the overall quality of the vegetable so it makes sense to choose the best leeks you can get your hands on. Choose leeks with a vibrant color, firm stalks, and crisp, bruise-free leaves. The stalks of the leeks must be pliant yet firm, the bulb should be white. Avoid leeks that have browning ends or those that are wilting or yellowing.

Washing and drying leeks

After choosing the highest quality leeks you can find at your local supermarket, rinse the greens well with running water. Clean the stalks thoroughly and remove dirt and debris that are stuck in between the leaves.

Cutting leeks

After rinsing and cleaning the leeks, pat the vegetable dry with paper towel and cut the leeks to size. You can either slice the leeks into equal sizes or roughly chop them before freezing. Since the leeks will turn soggy once frozen and defrosted, cutting the greens when they’re still fresh is best.  After cutting the leeks to size, you are ready to pack the vegetable for freezing.

Flash Freezing the Leeks for Freezing

Flash freezing helps retain the nutrient value and aroma of the leeks. To prep the leeks for flash freezing, line a baking sheet with wax paper or aluminum foil.

Flash freezing leeks

Lay the leeks in a single layer, making sure none of the vegetable bits are touching each other. Stick the baking pan in the freezer and leave the leeks to freeze for about an hour or two.

Leeks transferred to freezer bag

While waiting for the leeks to freeze, prepare a freezer-safe, resealable plastic bag.

Leeks in sealed freezer bag

After an hour or two, take the leeks out of the freezer and place the frozen leeks into the resealable plastic bag.

Leeks go into freezer

Squeeze out as much air as you can before sealing. Write the storage date then store flat in the freezer.

Direct Freezing

If you want a fuss-free way to freeze leeks, you can simply freeze this vegetable directly. Just cut the leeks into the desired size then prepare a freezer-safe, resealable plastic bag.

Leeks in freezer bag

Place the cut leeks into the plastic bag then squeeze out as much air as you can before sealing. Write the storage date then store flat in the freezer. This method is best for short-term storage only.

Leeks in freezer

Blanching the Leeks for Freezing

Blanching the leaves is a great way to preserve the color of the leeks. This step is optional, though recommended.

Blanching leeks

Prepare a pot of boiling water and a bowl of ice water. Using a colander, submerge the cut leeks into the boiling water and blanch the greens for 1 to 2 minutes.

Drying leeks on paper towel

Once the leeks turn a bright green, take them out of the water and submerge them in ice water. Once chilled, lay the blanched leeks on a paper towel then pat dry. Prepare a resealable plastic bag for freezing.

Place the cut leeks into the plastic bag then squeeze out as much air as you can before sealing. Write the storage date then store flat in the freezer.

Shelf Life, Thawing, and Reheating Suggestions

When kept in the freezer, leeks will stay fresh for at least 3 months. However, since the veggie tends to break down fast after thawing, consume your supply as soon as possible.

Thawed leeks

To thaw the frozen leeks, just add the vegetable directly into the dish you are cooking. The heat will defrost the frozen vegetable almost instantly. However, if you are using the leeks for garnishing, you can thaw it by leaving a pack of frozen leeks on the kitchen counter. It should be ready to use after an hour.


Can you freeze leeks? While leeks are available all year round, you might want to stock up and freeze them from time to time. The freezing process is quite simple: wash, cut, blanch if needed, and freeze the leeks. Remember that freezing the leeks is only best if you are using it for cooked dishes. Just keep these storage tips in mind to retain the natural flavor and color of the leeks!

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