Can you freeze wine? If you’ve opened a fresh bottle of wine but you are not able to finish the entire bottle, you can always freeze it for later use. Yes, you can freeze wine! The concept isn’t new but most people are not onboard with the idea of freezing wine because of fear that it will become stale or tasteless.

The fact is, thawed frozen wine is safe to drink but don’t expect the taste to remain the same. When kept in the freezer for a long time, thawed wine’s taste will change ever so slightly. Not too much that it’s no longer palatable but enough for even non-connoisseur to tell. Wine that’s been frozen is best used in cooking and baking. When kept in the freezer, wine should last for 3 to 6 months.

Pouring wine into a glass

Image used under Creative Commons from Wojtek Szkutnik

How to Freeze a Bottle of Wine?

The best way to freeze a bottle of wine is to transfer the drink into a rigid container. Using its original packaging is not a good idea. Never freeze a corked bottle of wine because the liquid will expand and the pressure may break the bottle.

To freeze a bottle of wine, get several ice cube trays. Pour the drink carefully on each tray and stick it in the freezer. Once the wine has been frozen solid, get several freezer-safe resealable bags and transfer the cubed wine in the bag. Seal the bag and label each one with the freezing date before sticking it right back in the freezer. Remember, one cube is about two tablespoons of wine. If you’d like to freeze larger cubes of wine, use a muffin tray instead of an ice tray.

Two glasses of wine

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How to Defrost Frozen Wine?

The best way to defrost frozen wine is to transfer the container from the freezer to the fridge and letting it thaw for several hours. Wine will melt quickly so it won’t take long before the whole tray of frozen wine thaws! Once it’s thawed, consume the drink and never re-freeze.

There are hundreds of ways to use thawed wine; you can use it to make cocktails, add flavor to stews and in baking too! Now that you know how to freeze wine properly, you can keep excess bottles of your favorite wine in the freezer and enjoy it later!