You may have some chocolate in your pantry or a candy dish, but how about the freezer? Can you freeze chocolate? The short answer is yes, chocolate can be frozen and it keeps so well in the freezer too!

Now before we outline the steps on how can you freeze chocolate, let’s discuss reasons why you should freeze chocolates in the first place.

Chocolate can melt in your hands in the fairest of weather. If you live somewhere hot, it will melt at a much faster rate. It may even melt while still in its package. Freezing your chocolate will ensure there will not be a melted mess when you open up your favorite chocolate bar. It will also make eating it less messy.

Bar of chocolate

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Do note that some brands of chocolate are better than others. There are gourmet and specialty brands that some people eat during special occasions, like a birthday or an anniversary. You may have bought some fancy chocolate well ahead of time and may be worried about its shelf life. Freezing it will ensure that it will be ready when that special moment comes.

How to Freeze Chocolate?

Freezing Unopened Chocolates

A lot of chocolate bars and other chocolate products are well packaged. Depending on the chocolate product, you may have no issues with freezing it as is. This is very convenient if you buy a chocolate bar with the intent of saving it for later.

If say, you still want to freeze unopened packs of chocolates anyway, there is no need to prep the product prior to freezing. Just place the bars of chocolates in the freezer and you’re done. The original packaging is enough to protect the chocolate from freezer burns.

Freezing Leftover Chocolates

Chocolate does have a lengthy shelf life, but it does not last forever. Freezing most chocolate goods will extend their shelf life by many months. It is important that it is stored properly, and there is no finer way to do that than with aluminum foil.

Foil insulates the product, which keeps it fresh and protects it from freezer burn. There are other products you can use to wrap your frozen chocolate in, but aluminum foil is recommended.

Just wrap your leftover chocolates in aluminum or tinfoil, making sure the whole product is wrapped completely. Place the chocolate in a resealable plastic bag. Write the storage date with a marker then stick the bag in the freezer.

Adding the label is important when freezing any type of food. If you do not have your chocolate in its original packaging, clearly labeling and dating the chocolate is a smart thing to do. This way you can easily identify what it is and how long it has been in your freezer.
Pieces of chocolate

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How to Defrost Frozen Chocolate?

You are somewhat limited on how you can defrost your chocolate. You can easily melt chocolate, so using an oven or microwave is not the best way to do it (unless you use either one for a brief period of time).

The best method is to leave it on any room temperature surface, and give it some time. If it is summer time, or you live in a warmer climate (which is a good reason to freeze chocolate), you should not leave the chocolate out for long periods of time. Otherwise, it may melt in the heat. If you have the time and patience, leaving it in your refrigerator will help it thaw over time as well without the fear of it melting.


As you can see, freezing and thawing chocolate are easy. In fact, unopened packs of chocolates require no further prep prior to freezing. Now that you know how can you freeze chocolates, you can extend the shelf life of your favorite sweet treats with zero wastage!