Can you freeze raspberries? Many people freeze raspberries every year. As soon as early summer begins, the raspberries begin to grow and they are soon ready for harvesting shortly after.

Every year, many people go to U-pick farms or pick from their own bushes to collect tons of fresh red raspberries to have on hand for the colder months ahead.

Most of the raspberries picked are used to create jellies, jams, pies and sauces. If the berries are not being used for these purposes, they are frozen to preserve their freshness until needed to make delightful tasting dishes.

However, many people freeze raspberries the wrong way, which makes the berries more difficult to use or causes them to spoil during the freezing process.

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You can extend the freshness of the raspberries by freezing them at the peak of freshness. Below is a step by step guide on how can you freeze raspberries:

How to Freeze Raspberries?

Raspberries should be frozen immediately after picking them off the bush. This helps retain the berries bright reddish pink color and plump juicy texture. However, you should never rinse red raspberries down before freezing because this will cause the raspberries to lose some of their flavor and coloring.

Sometimes it can cause the berries to become frostbit during the freezing processes. Instead, the berries should be laid out on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper and tossed into the freezer to freeze for about an hour.

After, you can remove the berries from the cookie sheet, place them into freezer bags, and pop them back into the freezer again. Using this freezing method will help prevent the berries from sticking together and will help retain their beautiful bright red color and sweet-tart berry flavor.

Do note that freezing raspberries will change the texture of them and cause them to become slightly mushier than they are typically after picking, but they will still have some plumpness.Although, after a day or two, after the defrosting process they will begin to mush a bit more.

With that being said, frozen raspberries are excellent for making smoothies, jellies, jams, pies and raspberry muffins. Frozen raspberries also make delightful sauces to pour over sweet dishes such as ice cream or in marinades to create a light berry flavored dish.

How to Defrost Frozen Raspberries?

The proper way to defrost raspberries is by taking them from the freezer and pouring them into a straining berry bowl. Then place a piece of paper towel under the bowl and place the berries in the refrigerator to defrost safely.Defrosting should only take between

Defrosting should only take between an hour or two. If you are just tossing your berries into a pot to make jellies, jams or sauces or into baked goods to create a tasty dish you do not even have to bother with the defrosting process.

Frozen raspberries

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Freezing and thawing raspberries are so easy! But there are certain factors you need to keep in mind to ensure minimal taste and flavor changes.  Always freeze red raspberries after picking to maintain their juicy flavor and plumpness. Also, never rinse the berries prior to freezing so frost won’t set in and ruin the texture of the fruits.

Now that you know how can you freeze raspberries, don’t be afraid to store the berries in the freezer whenever harvest time rolls in!