“Whipped Cream,” just the mention of it brings to mind visions of luscious desserts. BUT, what if you can’t eat it all, can you freeze whipped cream?” The answer to the creamy question is, “YES,” you can freeze it.

Real whipped cream is NOT what spews out of the cans you find in the dairy aisle at your local grocery mart. Care in preparing the whipped cream topping is important as it will affect how your topping looks, tastes and, yes, how it freezes.

You have to use a good quality heavy cream to make whipped cream that will set to become firm for freezing. Trying to use a cream with less than 30% of fat or substituting half and half is simply not going to work.

Whipped cream

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How to Freeze Whipped Cream?

A few suggestions or points of information about whipped cream are good to know, so you’ll understand how wonderfully delicate whipped cream is and the care needed in freezing it and thawing it. Below is the guide on how can you freeze whipped cream:

Making the Whipped Cream

A basic recipe for whipped cream is to use one cup of the heavy cream to three to four tablespoons of confectioner’s sugar (white powdered sugar) and, finally, one teaspoon of vanilla.

The heavy cream needs to be really cold and the mixing bowl it’s prepared it needs to be really cold, as well. You’ll need to whisk or beat the heavy cream in the cold mixing bowl until it becomes fluffy and light, then you can add the sugar and vanilla. Now, your fresh homemade whipped cream is ready to serve or can be kept cold in the refrigerator for a couple of days or you can freeze it!

Preparing the Whipped Cream for Freezing

Use a few kitchen basics to help prepare your whipped cream for freezing; a metal cookie sheet, a rubber bowl scraper, possibly a spatula, wax paper or a thin plastic prep board.

Line your cookie sheet with the waxed paper or lay the plastic prep board directly on the cookie sheet. The metal cookie sheet is going to get colder than the plastic board and you’re going to need the “cold” to help set your whipped cream.

Scoop serving sized dollops of whipped cream with your rubber scraper onto the cookie sheet with waxed paper or prep board. Use a knife or the scrapper to form little swirls and peaks, as this is how your dollops will look after freezing. Don’t put the dollops of whipped cream directly on the cookie sheet as the whipped cream will stick or be very difficult to remove.

Flash-Freezing the Whipped Cream

Put the entire cookie sheet in the refrigerator for at least thirty minutes so that the dollops of whipped cream become really cold and firm to the touch.

Freezing the Whipped Cream

Remove the whipped cream dollops individually and place in an airtight food storage container. You should actually be able to just peel the dollops off the waxed paper. Gently use a spatula, if needed.

How to Defrost Frozen Whipped Cream?

Defrosting frozen whipped cream is so easy. Thaw just one single dollop of your whipped cream or the entire container by placing the frozen whipped cream in the refrigerator for about thirty minutes. Each individual dollop is ready to be gently placed directly on top of the dessert of your choice.


With this guide, you learn to make your own whipped cream from scratch as well as proper storage. Now that you know how can you freeze whipped cream, you can maximize leftover cream for later. Use your leftovers to top your favorite desserts!