Can You Freeze Liver?

You’ve bought way too much chicken liver, and you need to store the leftovers somehow. Maybe you’re the only one in your household who enjoys that meat, so even a small container is too big for a single dish. Or you planned on making a pâté or a chicken-liver crostini, but things went sideways and …

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Can You Freeze Bacon?

Can you freeze bacon? Bacon is a meat prepared from a pig. It’s extremely popular – many people find its taste delicious. So, is there a way to extend bacon’s shelf life? Can you buy a few pounds of bacon on a sale a then put most of it in the freezer? Or you have …

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Can You Freeze Deli Meats?

Can you freeze deli meats? Deli meats are cured cuts of meats that are often used in cooking or as filling to sandwiches. They come in a wide variety of types including luncheon meats, cold cuts, and prosciutto. Because these products have gone through a curing process, they will keep well in the fridge for …

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