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Baking Sheets

Baking sheet full of cookies

Image used under Creative Commons from Rex Roof

Baking sheets are often used in the “pre-freezing” (or “fast-freezing”) process – you arrange the food (often it’s sliced or halved) on the cookie sheet in a way that one piece doesn’t touch any other and put it for some time into the freezer. Once the pieces are frozen, they can be transferred to freezer bags or freezer containers. This way, the pieces won’t merge and you’ll be able to easily scoop as much food from the container (or bag) as you need at the moment. This way is a good alternative to freezing a really small portions of food using ice cube trays and works great if one would like to freeze food in larger than ice cubed sized portions.

Below you can find few great cookie sheets. When choosing one, make sure it fits into your freezer.

Nordic Ware Bakers Quarter Sheet, 13 by 9 by 1

Nordic Ware Bakers Quarter SheetIt’s a baking sheet made of rust proof aluminum. When it comes to dimensions, it’s 13″ x 9.75″ on the outside, so it should fit to even smaller freezers. One thing that’s worth noting is that it’s not a dishwasher safe cookie sheet – hand wash only.

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Nordic Ware Bakers Half Sheet, 13 by 18 by 1 Inch

Nordic Ware Bakers Half SheetIt’s another baking sheet made of aluminum. When it comes to dimensions, manufacturer states it’s 13 inches x 9.75 inches, so it’s a little bigger at the outside. Before buying, make sure it’ll fit into your freezer, provided you’d like to use it for freezing food. Please note it’s a hand wash only cookie sheet.

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WearEver Commercial Bakeware 17-Inches x 11-Inches

WearEver Commercial BakewareIt’s a large (17” x 11”) nonstick baking sheet. Its interior and exterior are made of gauge carbon steel and are scratch free. It’s also dishwasher safe.

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Ice Cube Trays

Ice cube trays

Image used under Creative Commons from *Suzz*

Freezing food that is used in small portions in a freezer container is an overkill. Fortunately enough, one can use an ice cube tray to freeze food in small portions. This way, it’s easy to thaw only as much of the food as it’s needed at a time and you don’t have to be worried that there will be some leftovers. Ice cube trays are often used in freezing grated or chopped vegetables, but can be also used in freezing other foods.

Below you can find some of the best ice cube trays available on the market.

Rubbermaid Servin´ Saver Deluxe Ice Cube Tray

Rubbermaid Servin´ Saver Deluxe Ice Cube TrayIt’s a typical ice cube tray that accommodates 16 regular-sized ice cubes. They fill easily and empty with a twist. The trays stack hassle-free, so you can easily freeze quite a lot of food without using so much space in your freezer. There’s one more thing that’s great about this tray – it doesn’t wore out quickly and easily, which makes it basically a no-brainer to buy if you plan to freeze small portions of food or make standard-sized ice cubes.

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Tovolo King Cube Ice Trays

Tovolo King Cube Ice TrayTovolo King Cube is a great choice for people who would like to have the possibility to make bigger than regular-sized cubes. This way instead of thawing few ice cubes, you can thaw only one. Of course you should remember that one bigger ice cube defrosts longer than a few smaller ones, so it’s a matter of personal preferences if you’ll choose larger or smaller ones.

If you’re looking for an ice cube tray that allows you to make nice big ice cubes and easily remove them from the tray, this is the ice cube tray for you – check it out on Amazon.

Arrow Plastic 00055 Ice Cube Tray

Arrow Plastic Ice Cube TrayIt’s an ice cube tray that makes 60 small barrel-shaped ice cubes. Most times cubes release easily, but every once in a while there’s one (or two) particularly stubborn cube. If that’s the case, I suggest leaving the cube in the tray (if that’s an option) and trying to release it a day later. Also, you can put the bottom of the tray into cold water, which should pretty quickly allow you to release the cube. One thing to note – ice cubes that come from this tray are really small, so it will work well only if you’d like to freeze a really small amount of a certain food.

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Vacuum Sealers

If you’d like to vacuum package food at home, your certainly need a vacuum sealer. Why should you consider vacuum packaging? This method of packaging food starts to get more and more popular because it allows you to keep food fresh for much longer than if it was stored in typical conditions (not vacuum packaged). That is because in the process of vacuum packing air is removed from the package, so bacteria or fungi can’t grow in that environment. If you freeze lots of food or you would like to store some of it for a really long period of time, consider buying a vacuum sealer, it will make your life so much easier.
Below are some of the best vacuum sealers available on the market. They are sorted from the cheapest (yet still of great quality) to the most expensive ones. Buy a cheaper vacuum sealer than the first one mentioned below isn’t a great idea – it’s in many cases waste of money and you get what you’ve paid for.
A vacuum sealer

Image used under Creative Commons from Tobyotter

FoodSaver V3240 Vertical Vacuum Sealer

FoodSaver V3240It is an inexpensive vacuum sealer with two sealing levels (for moist and dry foods) and two speed settings. You can also seal without vacuum sealing the container – you’re allowed to stop the process and seal the package whenever you want. It has a bag roll and a built-in cutter which helps you with going through the process of packaging, sucking out the air and sealing the package easily and quickly.

If you aren’t sure if it’s a product for you, check out product details and customer reviews.

FoodSaver T000-18003 V3860 SmartSeal Vacuum-Sealer Kit

FoodSaver T000-18003 V3860It’s a medium-priced vacuum sealer that automatically senses the bag and the type of food content that’s in it, so the only thing you need to do is push a button. It has everything that a cheaper vacuum sealer has plus few additional features like canister mode or marinate mode. If you’re looking for a way to vacuum seal large amounts of food and few bonus features, this model is definitely worth considering.

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Weston Vacuum Sealer

Weston Vacuum SealerIt’s a pretty expensive vacuum sealer with two modes: auto and manual (for custom seals). It’s capable of sealing bags even 15 inches with, which should be enough even for the most demanding users – it’s one of the biggest vacuum sealers on the market. If you’d like to see how the product works, watch the video below!

If you’d like to check out product details or read some customer reviews of this product, click here.

Weston Vacuum Sealer in action

If the video doesn’t load, watch it on Youtube.


Freezer Storage Containers

Food frozen in containers

Image used under Creative Commons from armigeress

Freezer containers are great for freezing foods that aren’t perfectly solid (foods high in liquid content), although they can be used to freeze solid foods as well (freezer bags are also great for solid foods). What’s great about them is that they’re reusable – you buy a set of containers once and use them for years.

There are two disadvantages of freezer containers – they take a lot of space in the freezer and often after transferring food into the container, there’s a lot of head space in it. Lot of head space means there’s a lot of cold air in the container and cold air is responsible for freezer burn. If you plan to keep solid food in the container in the freezer for the long-term, consider wrapping it with heavy-duty aluminum foil to reduce freezer burn.

Below are few of the best and top rated freezer containers available on the market.

Rubbermaid 7J95 Lid Medium Value Pack Food Storage Containers

Set of rubbermain food containersIt’s a set of stackable square-shaped containers. The set includes one 5-cup container that measures 7″ x 7″ x 3.4″ and two 3-cup containers that measure 7″ x 7″ x 2.3″. The bases are clear, so you can easily see what’s in the containers. Since they’re stackable, they don’t take a lot of space when stored. If you’re looking for a set of high quality versatile food containers that can be used in refrigerator, freezer, microwave (defrosting) and are dishwasher safe, this one is definitely worth considering.

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32 oz. Freezeable Deli Food Containers with Lids – Pack of 24

Freezeable Deli Food Containers w/ Lids - Pack of 24 - Food StorageHere’s a pack of 24 32-ounce (1-quart) freezable food containers with lids. They are reusable and dishwasher safe. If you wish, you can put them straight into the microwave to thaw their contents. You can use them for storing anything from ice cream and yogurts to soup leftovers. When storing liquids remember to leave some head space! Also, lids fit tightly and keep on well. If you’re looking for a pack of containers great for liquid foods, these ones are a great choice. You can also buy a pack of 36 16-ounce containers if that’s what you need.

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Arrow Stor-Keeper Freezer Storage Container Sets

Storage Container SetsIt’s a set of plastic storage containers with lids that fit securely. You can choose whether you’d like containers with capacity of one quart, half-gallon or one and a half pints. They also stack well. Please remember to label them when you put them into the freezer because you can’t see what’s inside. If you’re looking for inexpensive storage containers you can use to freeze dishes, it’s a great choice.

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Arrow Plastics 30 Piece Freezer Storage Container Set

30-Piece Freezer Storage Container SetThis is a set of plastic storage containers that includes 12 2-cup containers with lids, 8 1.5-pint containers (there is an error in the product description on Amazon), 6 1-quart containers and 4 1/2-gallon containers, all of them with lids. If you freeze a lot of foods and dishes, this set might be a great way to organize your freezer. It’s quite a lot of containers for an affordable price, so if you’re planning on freezing large amounts of food in the nearest future, this set is definitely worth consideration.

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Freezer Bags

Pizza dough in freezer bag

Image used under Creative Commons from grongar

Freezer bags are one of the cheapest and most convenient ways to store food in the freezer. That’s why most people choose to use them when they need to freeze food. They’re very easy to use – just transfer the product into the bag, squeeze all the air from the bag (you can also use a straw to get the air out of the bag, it’s more efficient) and seal it. Now you just need to label the bag and you can put it into the freezer.

Below are few of the most popular freezer bags on the market.

Ziploc Freezer Bag, Gallon Value Pack (30 bags)

Ziploc Freezer Bag, Gallon Value Pack, 30-CountIf you’re looking for freezer bags with capacity of one gallon, this is one of the best choices you have. Besides, Ziploc bags are one of the best ones available on the market, so if you plan to store food for a longer period of time, choosing a renowned brand is a reasonable choice.

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Ziploc Double Zipper Heavy Duty Quart Freezer Bags (216 Bags)

Ziploc Double Zipper Heavy Duty Quart Freezer Bags (216 Bags)If you’re looking for smaller, quart sized freezer bags, these Ziploc bags are the way to go. You can even rewash these bags and use every one for a few times, so it’s a no brainer buy for anyone who often freezes small amounts of food.

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Ziploc Freezer Bag, 2 Gallon (Pack of 3 = 30 Bags)

30 2-gallon Ziploc freezer bagsIf you need a few really big freezer bags, 2-gallon bags by Ziploc are a great choice. They’re great for freezing big dishes – casseroles, whole chicken or a large amount of leftovers after a holiday. Of course you might use them to store food in the pantry or in the fridge too, it’s totaly up to you!

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