Ice cube trays

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Freezing food that is used in small portions in a freezer container is an overkill. Fortunately enough, one can use an ice cube tray to freeze food in small portions. This way, it’s easy to thaw only as much of the food as it’s needed at a time and you don’t have to be worried that there will be some leftovers. Ice cube trays are often used in freezing grated or chopped vegetables, but can be also used in freezing other foods.

Below you can find some of the best ice cube trays available on the market.

Rubbermaid Servin´ Saver Deluxe Ice Cube Tray

Rubbermaid Servin´ Saver Deluxe Ice Cube TrayIt’s a typical ice cube tray that accommodates 16 regular-sized ice cubes. They fill easily and empty with a twist. The trays stack hassle-free, so you can easily freeze quite a lot of food without using so much space in your freezer. There’s one more thing that’s great about this tray – it doesn’t wore out quickly and easily, which makes it basically a no-brainer to buy if you plan to freeze small portions of food or make standard-sized ice cubes.

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Tovolo King Cube Ice Trays

Tovolo King Cube Ice TrayTovolo King Cube is a great choice for people who would like to have the possibility to make bigger than regular-sized cubes. This way instead of thawing few ice cubes, you can thaw only one. Of course you should remember that one bigger ice cube defrosts longer than a few smaller ones, so it’s a matter of personal preferences if you’ll choose larger or smaller ones.

If you’re looking for an ice cube tray that allows you to make nice big ice cubes and easily remove them from the tray, this is the ice cube tray for you – check it out on Amazon.

Arrow Plastic 00055 Ice Cube Tray

Arrow Plastic Ice Cube TrayIt’s an ice cube tray that makes 60 small barrel-shaped ice cubes. Most times cubes release easily, but every once in a while there’s one (or two) particularly stubborn cube. If that’s the case, I suggest leaving the cube in the tray (if that’s an option) and trying to release it a day later. Also, you can put the bottom of the tray into cold water, which should pretty quickly allow you to release the cube. One thing to note – ice cubes that come from this tray are really small, so it will work well only if you’d like to freeze a really small amount of a certain food.

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