If you have ever considered freezing mango and didn’t know if it was a good idea and if so then how to do it, this article is for you. Read along!

Let’s talk about mango. This delicious fruit has become more popular in recent years due to its rich tropical flavor and availability. Living in tropical climates, you have more accessibility to fresh mango at local grocers and fruit stands. For those of you vacationing, in the land of mango, you’ll get caught up having this delicious fruit added to all your meals and will want to take it home with you.

This scenario could happen to you- you’ve arrived home from your tropical vacation and remembered that you’ve brought home or had shipped home a bushel of mango or maybe there was a big sale on mango at your neighborhood market. You can’t eat them all before they go bad, so can you freeze mango for later?

The answer is, “YES,” you can freeze mango and it gives you so many options for future uses. Don’t worry, mango’s freeze really good, hold their texture well and taste just as great. Here’s how to get started on preparing your mango’s for freezing.

How to Freeze Mango?

Make sure that your mangoes are ripe. Disregard the color, as there are so many varieties of mango. Squeeze gently to feel for ripeness, sort of like a peach. Peel the mango and cut the meat of the fruit into chunks or strips.

Place serving or snack sizes into freezer bags or freezer safe containers to store in your freezer for up to six months. Mix your mango chunks with other fruits like blueberries, strawberries or peaches in freezer bags for future use in smoothies.

Use clean and sterilized plastic ice trays to fill with mashed mango to make mango ice cubes. These cubes can also be used as individual servings of baby food-just pop one out at a time to defrost for your baby’s fruit at meal time.

can you freeze mango

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How to Defrost Frozen Mango?

Well, you’ve got a freezer full of frozen mango, now what?

Thawing Frozen Mango

Transfer one frozen bag at a time to your refrigerator. This bag will be good for consumption for about a week.Add this slightly chilled fruit to your morning cereal or make a fantastic breakfast smoothie.

Using Thawed Mango

Add the slightly chilled mango to your morning cereal or make a fantastic breakfast smoothie.

Place a serving of frozen mango in your lunch box for a tropical treat at lunch. Take a bag of frozen mango chunks to the pool for a healthy snack that will cool you off.

Use frozen chunks of mango to make frozen cocktails, like a daiquiri, instead of ice. It keeps the flavor of your drink from getting watered down as with melting ice.

Pop a frozen chunk or strip in your ice tea for a truly refreshing drink. Give still slightly frozen mango strips to your older baby to soothe their teething gums.

Those of you who are handy in the kitchen will love the versatility of being able to freeze mango to use when your recipes call for it.

Mango salsa is delicious on seafood. Grab your frozen mango out of the freezer, let thaw a few hours and then prepare mango salsa for your evening meal, or even better, make a huge batch to share with friends.

Mash the mango up and store in the refrigerator a couple of days or back in the freezer to serve to your baby. No additives, just pure fruit.

Instead of a boring old peach bellini’s, surprise your guests with mango bellinis. Add mango to your everyday salad to give it a tropical twist.

Serving fruit kabobs at your pool party is made easier with using your frozen mango skewered with a couple of other frozen fruits. These can be done ahead, stored in your refrigerator for a couple of hours and are ready to be enjoyed when served-still cool and crisp.


Freezing fresh mangoes for later is so easy. Now that you know how can you freeze mango, you can never have too much of this tropical fruit! Freezing works great fresh and you can freeze it to enjoy later when the occasion calls for it.