Can You Freeze This?

Information about freezing various products

Freezing Tools

Freezing food doesn’t need much in terms of tools you need, besides having a freezer of course. Most of those tools you can surely find in your kitchen. But in case one or two is missing, I created this list. The tools listed below aren’t necessarily the best in their categories. They’re just some of the most popular choices out there.

Freezer Bags

Ziploc freezer bag

Freezer bags are the meat and potatoes of freezing. You can use them to freeze basically everything, including liquids. Make sure it’s leak-proof before putting a freezer bag with liquid into the freezer, though. They’re reusable, so after buying a bigger pack they should cover all your freezing needs for quite some time.

Consider buying a bunch of smaller bags and a handful of bigger ones. This way, you can pack individual portions into the smaller bags and transfer them into a bigger one to avoid chaos in the freezer. Since you can use these until they worn down, they’re both budget-friendly and much better for the environment. Freezer bags are a must-have if you freeze food on a regular basis.

Freezer Containers

Prep Naturals glass containers

These are another freezing staple. You can use freezer containers to freeze anything. They work best for freezing larger portions of food, soups, or as a way to group a few freezer bags. Having a few on hand, is in most cases, all you need. You can choose between plastic and glass containers. While plastic ones are cheaper, glass containers are more versatile. They’re safe to use in a microwave and often even in the oven. Choose ones that better suit your needs.

Plastic Wrap

Freeze tite plastic wrap

Plastic wrap is often used as a first layer of wrapping for long-term freezing or as the only layer of wrapping for short-term freezing. It works well for freezing meat (both raw and cooked), fish, dough (bread, pancake, etc.), and the like.

Many people use it to pack food in individual portions and then transfer those portions into a freezer bag or container. This way, it’s easy to get a portion or two without having to defrost the whole bag. The only downside of plastic wrap is that it’s not reusable. I wouldn’t recommend using it as your primary wrapping option, for both your budget’s and the environment’s sake.

Meal-Prep Containers

Enther meal prep containers

If you’re a meal-prepper or planning to become one, meal-prep containers are a must-have. You can choose between containers with 1, 2, or 3 compartments. Personally, I prefer the ones with 2 compartments. I can store my carbs and proteins in the bigger compartment and the veggies in the other one. But that’s just me, so think about the meals you’re going to be preparing and what containers would work best for your needs. Before buying make sure the containers are stackable and BPA-free.

Baking Sheet

Nordic ware baking sheet

A baking sheet is one of the best tools for pre-freezing food. It provides a flat surface on which you can put the food that needs to be pre-frozen and takes as little space in the freezer as possible. When buying one for pre-freezing, make sure it fits into your freezer.

Ice Cube Trays

OXO ice cube tray

Ice cube trays can be used to freeze all sorts of liquids. They’re often used for freezing dairy-free milk alternatives, yogurt, or even pureed fruit. If you’d like to freeze some almond milk for coffee, pour it into an ice cube tray, freeze, and it’s ready to go. You can now get as much of it as needed for your morning shot of caffeine in no time.

Solula cookie scoop

If you need to freeze food portions of uniform size or weight, having a cookie scoop on hand might be a lifesaver. As an alternative, you can use a kitchen scale to make sure each portion is as big as the other ones, but that can take a ton of time. Using a cookie scoop for this purpose speeds things up significantly. Obviously, a cookie scoop has a ton of uses apart from freezing food, so it might make sense to buy one even if you won’t use it for freezing that often.

Blanching Vegetables

Blanching Vegetables

Blanching is an essential process for freezing many vegetables. Find out how to do it.