Can you freeze orange juice? We all know that fresh orange juice doesn’t last long. If you have ever considered freezing it, this article is for you.

Orange juice is one of those juices, that is always good to have on hand. It helps prevent and fight off cold and flu symptoms and keeps the immune system strong due to its high vitamin C content. Vitamin C is also essential for keeping the skin, bones, muscles, and tissues of the body strong and healthy too.

One of the best ways to ensure you always have orange juice on hand is to purchase it in bulk when it is on sale and freeze it. Freezing orange juice keeps it fresh and tasting delightful when you need it most for nourishing your body. Below is a step by step guide on how can you freeze orange juice:

How to Freeze Orange Juice?

Orange juice can be frozen a few ways to maintain freshness. If you purchase a container full of orange juice from the grocery store, and the container it is in is freezable and will expand, you should freeze the orange juice as is to help maintain the most freshness.

However, if the container you have purchased your orange juice in is not freezable or expandable, you will need to pour it into a container that is and freeze it that way. Some people even like to pour orange juice into ice cube trays and make frozen orange juice cubes to add to water or to their refrigerated orange juice to make it super ice cold.

Other people simply, freeze the orange juice into ice cube form. As soon as the ice cubes are completely frozen, they are transferred into sealable freezer bags and stored until you want to have some orange juice.

Orange halves

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Always check the expiry date prior to freezing store bought juice. This goes especially for orange juice that’s nearing its expiry date.

If you are squeezing orange juice yourself, make sure the tools you use to juice the oranges are sterilized and well cleansed along with the freezer containers you will be storing the juice inside.

Also, make sure you freeze freshly squeezed orange juice right after it has been squeezed so it doesn’t become spoiled fast.

How to Defrost Frozen Orange Juice?

The best way to defrost orange juice is by placing the original frozen container of it in the refrigerator until it becomes liquid form. If you have it in freezer containers or ice cube form, to simply take the frozen orange juice and place it into a large pitcher, place it in the refrigerator and allow it to defrost that way for about 6 to 12 hours.

Improperly thawed orange juice tends to cause watered down flavor. As long as the juice has been packed and thawed properly, freezing won’t change the juice’s flavor.

However, pulpy orange juice could become thicker and the pulp could become more dry and flaky when frozen and thawed.

The best way to handle pulp filled orange juice that you freeze is by simply straining the pulp from the juice after the defrosting process.

With all this being said, orange juice that is frozen for longer than a year may lose some of its taste, bright orange color and become a little watery in consistency. It is best if you freeze orange juice to use it up within the first 6 months. However, it won’t spoil if you wait longer to defrost it and drink it.

Orange juice

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It’s nice to know that you can prolong the shelf life of orange juice by freezing it. Now that you know how can you freeze orange juice, you can always store the juice that you cannot finish for later!