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Can You Freeze Greek Yogurt?

Can you freeze Greek yogurt? Greek yogurt is one of the most popular dairy products these days. That’s mostly because it has many health benefits but also because many people find its taste delicious. Some people use it in smoothies. So, what can you do if you’ve got a half full container of Greek yogurt and you can’t find a way to use it within the next few days? Or you’ve found a great deal on this dairy product and you’d like to buy at least a few containers for future use? Fortunately enough, similarly to plain yogurt, you can freeze Greek yogurt. There are, however, a few things about this process that you should be aware of.

How freezing affects Greek yogurt

The most important thing you need to know is that freezing has an effect on Greek yogurt’s look and texture. Frozen and thawed yogurt’s looks and consistency will be slightly different from fresh yogurt’s one. Please bear in mind that the nutritional value of frozen and then defrosted yogurt stays the same. Freezing can kill a tiny bit of beneficial cultures that are present in this diary treat, but the rest of them stays fine. They just become dormant when the Greek yogurt is frozen and they reactive when it’s thawed. All in all, you won’t lose Greek yogurt’s health benefits be freezing and thawing it.

Greek yogurt ice cream
Image used under Creative Commons from Melynda Huskey

Let’s get back to the texture change I’ve mentioned earlier. Greek yogurt separates a little when frozen and then thawed. Because of that you need to mix it or at least stir it after thawing, to make it less watery than it’s after defrosting. Since the texture changes after thawing, Greek yogurt’s taste might not be as appealing as it usually is. Because of that, you might find eating it after defrosting not pleasant. It’s really a matter of personal preferences, so to find this out, you need to run a little trial. Just freeze a small amount of Greek yogurt for a few days then thaw it in the fridge, stir it and consume it. If you’ll be satisfied with the results you’ll get, you can stock up Greek yogurt for eating purposes freely. Nevertheless, most people state that thawed Greek yogurt is fine when used for baking or cooking purposes. I encourage you to make a smoothie using this dairy treat, it should taste as great as it always do. Please bear in mind that products from some Greek yogurt manufacturers undergo the process of freezing better than products from other ones. Therefore, you might want to try different brands.

You can store Greek yogurt in the freezer for a few months, but most sources recommend storing it for up to two months for best quality. While this dairy product is stored in the freezer, its quality deteriorates very slowly (similarly to most products).

Useful information about freezing Greek yogurt

Here are a few pieces of information regarding freezing Greek yogurt. Please bear in mind that the Greek yogurt’s container should be airtight (you can use freezer bags). This way the dairy product won’t absorb any odors from the freezer. As I’ve mentioned earlier, after thawing make sure that you stir or mix the yogurt before eating. Thawing overnight in the refrigerator is one of the most recommended ways of thawing this dairy product.

If you’ll need only a small amounts of Greek yogurt from time to time, it’s a good idea to transfer yogurt from its original packaging to a few smaller ones. This way you’ll be able to thaw only as little as you need at a time.


Greek yogurt is one of the widely used dairy products. You can freeze Greek yogurt freely, but please remember that it changes its looks and texture after thawing.


Can You Freeze Yogurt?

Can you freeze yogurt? Yogurt is one of the widely used dairy products. It is very popular due to the health benefits that it offers. Because of that, many people consume it regularly, sometimes even on a daily basis. The thing is – what you should do if you’ve got a few cups of yogurt and you can’t find a way to eat or cook something with them within the next few days? The answer seems obvious – freeze the yogurt for further use. That’s right – you can freeze yogurt. There are, however, some facts you should be aware of when it comes to freezing yogurt.

How Freezing Affects Yogurt

Yogurt’s consistency isn’t solid. One can expect that the freezing process affects this product. Indeed, it does. Manufacturers state that freezing and thawing yogurt might have an effect on its texture and taste[1]. It will look a little different than a fresh one. Thus, you should run a little trial before buying and freezing lots of yogurt. Freeze a tiny amount of yogurt and leave it in the freezer for the night. Thaw it and eat it the next day. This way you’ll know whether you like the taste of frozen and thawed yogurt. If you don’t like the taste, you can try freezing and thawing yogurts from other brands.

Frozen yogurt

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Please remember that the longer yogurt is in the freezer, the worse taste you might expect. Because of that, the sooner you’ll consume the frozen yogurt, the better. One more thing – if you doesn’t like the taste of thawed yogurt, you can always use it for baking purposes. Your baked goods should taste as good as they always do.

Stonyfield Farm company states that freezing can kill some of the beneficial cultures that are in their products[1]. Since production processes of yogurts are very similar, you can assume freezing does the same to other yogurts. Please note that yogurts contain billions of beneficial cultures and freezing kills only some of them. Freezing yogurt doesn’t mean that you’ll lose most of its health benefits, you lose only a tiny bit of them. When you freeze yogurt, the cultures become dormant. Once the yogurt is thawed, they become alive again.

Useful Information About Freezing Yogurt

When it comes to freezing yogurt, there are a few things that you should know. First, you need to remember that yogurt expands while freezing. That means that you need a container that has enough space to accommodate yogurt after it expands. Make sure that the container is airtight so the yogurt won’t absorb any odors from the freezer.

Yogurt should be thawed in the refrigerator (if it’s very hard, you can put it in the microwave for a few seconds). Please remember to stir the thawed yogurt before eating. If you know that you’ll be in need of small portions of yogurt in the future, you can always repackage the product into smaller containers that will meet your needs.

Frozen yogurt as a dessert

Frozen yogurt might be a delightful dessert, served as ice cream. Just open the package, add some fruit or topping and freeze the yogurt for a few hours. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to add anything at all!

If your child would like a popsicle, you can give them a frozen yogurt. Just take a popsicle stick and stab the lid of the yogurt with it before you’ll put the dairy product in the freezer. In order to remove the lid from yogurt’s container just run it under hot water. After a few seconds you should be able to remove the lid.

Yogurt is one of the widely used dairy products. You can freeze yogurt freely, but remember that it might change its taste and texture after thawing.